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sweet catastrophy [entries|friends|calendar]

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1/5/06 at 5am
so its 5:08 am .
and i cant sleep.

i think i need to invest in sleeping pills.
this is the 3rd night this week.

11/26/05 at 12pm
quick little update...

-thanksgiving was ... okay. fried chicken && potatoes. haha
-met a boy. well, two.
-worked. as usual.
-got the communications pathfinder. :)
-deadline this week. going to kill myself.
-going to winter wonderland at disney with my lovelys!
-already know what im getting for christmas. :) im so good at this.
-i want a puppy soo bad.
-stilllll waiting to hear from TX. hopefully before my birthday.

&& i dont know what else.


11/2/05 at 4pm
guess ill go ahead and update since it's been a long time ...

lets see, i found my homecoming dress which now i probably wont get to wear.
damn you hurricane wilma.

i pulled a spontaneous pick up and go and i headed up to orlando
for halloween horror nights. my first road trip by myself. :)
i went with alexis, lauren, && chris <3
yep, i was the scared one that complained all night.
it was fun. word of advice, dont walk to universal ... drunk.
no matter how close you think your room is too the park,
in reality, its way too far.
ended up visiting josh at UCF, getting extremely lost
on the way home, speeding through a sunpass line without
realizing that it was a sunpass line. yesss im getting a fine. :(

i havent done anything productive this hurricane break except
party, party, oh yeah .. and party.
i think i lost 27 million brain cells in the process.
between bonfires, hookas and shots ... i think im spent.

im going to chicago next week for 5 days.
im so excited. and i get to go by myself.
i dont have to share a room with her. :)

i promise ill post pictures as soon as lex gets them on her computer.

until then .. tootles. xoxo


10/27/05 at 4pm
whadda wuss i am.
i fled.
took my butt up to orlando.
i guess im a little too spoiled to
survive without power, hot showers
and AC.

i think im gonna go out on a limb and say that
hurricane wilma was SO not a category one.

no matter what is was classifed as, my trees are .. ka-put.

and my baby lola (yes, my car)
is dented
im so upset.

but now im back and now with .. finally ..
a homecoming dress. sweet.

curfew extended to 9pm, and anyone have any
updates on homecoming?

if so, call me.

10/1/05 at 4pm
what an awesome day last night rocked .. this morning i went to breakfast with alexis, jamie, evan, & lex's parentals then me and alexis went to the beach and got some good sun. then we met up with ryan and kyle and i hurt my bum on the rocks came home, took a shower and now, im off to work. & i think i'm gonna do it again tomorrow. ♥

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